Hi! I’m Glenys, and I’m a dietitian. I’m also a real live person who is daring to not diet. Why? Because I don’t want any part of the body-hating, food-restricting diet world that we live in now. I decided to live my life free of the food-crazies: thinking about food 24/7, eating food I hated, fearing food I loved, and constant worrying about what shape my body might take if I actually just ate what I really wanted.

Are you tired of your yo-yo weight, being a slave to your scale, trying to use willpower to control what you eat (ha!) while still feeling completely bonkers around food? Yeah, so was I.

Then I dared to quit dieting and healed my relationship to food, my body, and found a boat-load of confidence to live the life that was truly meant for me (spoiler alert: it involves A LOT of happiness).

What could happen for you if you also dared to not diet? What brilliant life is waiting out there for you, in the body you have right now?

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You don’t have to just dream about food you love on the Dreaming Banana…you can eat it now too!


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